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Strategy consulting

The age old challenge for most businesses is how to prioritise resources against multiple competing projects – and many have resorted to a standard ROI type of approach. Although better than nothing this approach is limited even in terms of success probability and achieving the financial return.

Our consultants will help to establish a strategic framework and use this  with the client to set an overall direction which could include a complete business driven IT architecture overhaul in order to meet the future needs of the business –  The framework will guide future projects in the direction required to achieve the strategic objectives over a period of time.

Examples of our work:


We helped a government department with an $18 billion annual spend to restructure their IT programs and put in place a strategic framework for future projects. This enabled a significant reduction in annual IT spend.

We introduced a platform migration at a leading retailer and MasterCard issuer including a service orientated architecture approach to enable rapid integration of new partners and service providers in a largely outsourced model of operations.

Set up the framework for a start up Middle East clearing system.





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