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EMV Chip Card Services

EMV Chip Card Services

Planning an EMV migration can be a daunting task as it is likely that there is limited knowledge within an organisation when starting on the EMV journey. EMV impacts many aspects of the card business and customer service as well as the technical aspects such as advanced cryptography. Having developed EMV business cases from scratch we can take you through the EMV and work out the best strategy for your organisation to move to chip and PIN.

The strategy for your EMV roll out will depend on many factors and there are options to allow a phased rollout to allow early entry to market.  Our consultants can guide you through this process and help you determine what is really necessary compared to what all the vendors would like to sell to you – and how to set and meet your individual business objectives. The impacts across your organisation will be significant as for example changes may be required in your basic account relationships – primary and authorised users – card numbering, fulfilment systems, key management, card bureau, Activation and IVR systems, customer service systems, fraud management and rules set up etc.

To start with we can provide an EMV readiness audit which will map out what systems and processes will need to be changed in order to prepare the organisation for migration and to start the budgetary process. Having been through the EMV migration process several times with different organisations – some with internal in house systems and others with an outsourced model such as TSYS or FDR we can guide you through Vendor assessment and facilitate the tender process from preparing Requests for Proposals to evaluation and selection.

We can also support full implementation management services providing project management and oversight, subject management expertise as well as vendor management services from specification preparation to development, testing and certification with Visa/MasterCard.  This includes process development, training preparation and delivery as well as collateral development for the required customer communication changes. In addition – not all EMV cards are equal – we can guide you through the process of selecting the right chip card product for you and specifying the exact configuration to meet your business objectives as well as meeting certification requirements – and this can include testing the final product with specialised chip tools. For merchants and acquirers we can provide similar services and have been involved with one of the largest Canadian retailers conversion and rollout from business case development to implementation.

Mobile Payments Strategy

Our consultants have worked with some of the world’s leading telcos and with our cryptography experience we are well placed to help develop you mobile payments strategy and to leverage any investment already made in e.g. EMV. The future success of  NFC enabled phones will rely on security and bricks and mortar contactless payment adoption for mass adoption. We have real world experience rolling out contactless payments from mobile tags,  physical device deployment and advanced cryptography. The market has a number of models emerging with advantages and disadvantages.  We can help establish the right model for your organisation driving the business strategy and the subsequent implementation activities.


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